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Advance your career with a Postgraduate Degree

Advance Your Career with a Postgraduate Degree

A Postgraduate Degree can open windows of opportunity for career advancement or a career switch. You will gain new insights to complement your professional development and expand your network with like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Obtaining a Postgraduate Degree

Higher earning potential is one of the most cited reasons for enrolling in a Postgraduate Degree programme. Compared to a Bachelor’s Degree, a Postgraduate Degree has been found to improve a candidate’s financial prospects.

According to PayScale Singapore, an MBA candidate commands a salary that is 2.3 times higher per annum compared with a candidate who has a Bachelor’s Degree qualification.

While an Executive MBA candidate’s average salary per annum is 3.2 times higher than a Bachelor’s Degree candidate.

Qualifications Average Annual Salary
Bachelor’s Degree1 S$47,000
Master of Business Administration (MBA)2 S$111,000
Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA)3 S$155,000


More professionals are pursuing Postgraduate Degrees today, and because of this, a Bachelor’s Degree qualification alone can fail to get you noticed alongside equally or more highly qualified candidates. With a university education presently being viewed as a rite of passage in securing a job, candidates with only a Bachelor’s Degree may find it difficult to appeal to employers, even at entry-level positions in certain industries.


As a Postgraduate Degree student, you have many opportunities to network. In the professional world, networking is connecting with like-minded people in a professional context and finding ways to collaborate, discuss and develop your own knowledge, skills and career. At the same time, you can accentuate your business management capabilities.


Graduates with Postgraduate Degrees have higher chances of holding a senior-level management position and enjoying successful careers. You can choose to do an online Postgraduate Degree programme, which offers more flexibility and allows you to learn at your own pace.


Although most Bachelor’s Degree programmes allow students the opportunity to choose disciplines of personal interest, a Master’s Degree does this to a much greater extent. You will be expected to conduct independent research in order to develop your ideas regarding a field.

Attending extracurricular activities and meetings, and hearing from guest speakers and lecturers ensure plenty of opportunities to engage with your subject from multiple angles. For many students with passionate academic interests, the experience itself provides
ample satisfaction.

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